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NIWBQR Analysis

Victoria Island

The below graphs show the current trends, of a specific feature, exhibited by various network service providers. Some service providers were not involved in the NIWBQR drive test due to various circumstances. But we have been able to use algorithms which analyse the competitive behavior of network providers towards each other, their current progression as well as some other features to accurately estimate the values for months where the data was unavailable.

It can be noticed that the latency of all service providers have slowly increased with time. With the exception of MTN and Ntel all other service provides recorded a latency value well above their mean latency over the NIWBQR months. This increase in packet delay shows the inability of service providers to comfortable accommodate their ever increasing number of subscribers. The chart also shows a spike in latency for November 2016 which can be due to rapid increase in data usage and consumers owing to the deployment of 4G technology in Late 2016. Glo has the worst trend line for latency with an increase of almost 1 second between August 2017 and August 2018.

The connection drop rate of the service providers follows a different path with a general improvement in the rate of call drops over the NIWBQR months. Although these rates are typically high for LTE networks, the current progression shows improvements are being made and indicated service providers clearly put higher values on reducing their drop rates than they do on reducing their latency. Smile, on the other hand is the only notable outlier with an increasing connection drop rate tend, this can be as a result of SNR degradation. This problem is a rectifiable one and Smile should look to resolving this in the near future or risk loosing a portion of their consumer base.

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