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Slide Introducing Enextlog Drive Testing
Latency and Speed Testing
Voice/SMS Testing
Remote Testing
Crowdsource Solution
Indoor Mode
Internet and SMS controllable
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EnextLog is an autonomous real-time network performance data collection using standard Android phones – analyse and display the results on any internet browser Powerful, easy-to-use, affordable Ideal for large users needing independent performance verification for mission-critical communication

Enextlog builds up a picture of the network by collecting data from a number of units within the network.

As these mobile phones travel across the network, data is sent from them back to a central web server and a picture of network performance is built. Results may be viewed in real-time as maps, tables. Post Processing can be performed on Emetrics Portal available on any internet connected PC using a standard browser.

Problems can then be investigated further using the detailed technical data and powerful analysis functionality.

  • Supported technologies: 5G/LTE/UMTS/GSM/CDMA/EVDO
  • Logs mobile network measurements and events
  • Sends log data to online database
  • Automatic test sequence including: – Data test (Ping, Upload, Download) – Voice calls – SMS
  • Manual functions: – Data test (Ping, Upload, Download) – Measurement point
  • Auto indoor mode for measurements in tunnels and areas with bad GPS coverage
  • SMS/Internet controllable
Cell Information

serving and neighbor cells parameters measurement

Remote Testing

SMS/Internet/Bluetooth controllable Test sequencing and configuration

RF Drive Testing

Perform Drive Test and Site Verification Acceptance on 2G/3G/4G/5G/EVDO/CDMA Networks

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of 2G/3G/4G/5G network performance

Speed and Latency Testing

Supports Ping, Upload, Download Test

Indoor Testing

Auto indoor mode for measurements in tunnels and areas with bad GPS coverage


Build your own fleet of network monitoring devices

Voice/SMS Testing

logs successful, blocked and dropped calls, logs successfully delivered SMS

Enextlog front

Configurable test sequence

5G/LTE/UMTS/GSM/CDMA/EVDO serving and neighbour cell measurements 0

Latency and Speed Testing 0

Voice Call/ SMS Testing 0


Powerful, easy to use, and affordable, making it ideal for large users and network operators who require independent performance verification

Why Enextlog?
Low-cost software probes hosted on standard Android phones for hand held or vehicle use
Why Enextlog?
No technical knowledge required to operate the probe – can be used entirely autonomously
Why Enextlog?
Built-in powerful analysis functions for calculating high-level key performance indicators (KPI)
why Enextlog?
Real-time monitoring of 2G/3G/4G/5G network performance
Enextlog and Emetrics Integration for Post Processing and Analysis
sample reports